Spirituality lets be serious.

I started the week with the intention of writing about some very dark days and some hard lessons that I have been through with the spiritual stuff, but for one reason or another I did not feel drawn to the computer to keep working on the article.  Instead I have felt quite upbeat and positive so instead I think I’m going to share with you how good it gets for me, and by this I mean how good has a reading really got for me, what level of information and evidence has come through and what has happened to me personally that has left me feeling the whole subject is a bit special.

In the early days If I felt or saw a capital letter or a number in my minds eye or got a shiver down my back I would get excited and feel that it was great, but…

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First read, Can’t read, Wont read. (Part 3)

Spirituality lets be serious.

Wont Read

Once upon a time when trying to be something I was not, I opened the doors on a fancy little new age spiritual shop. I offered all your spiritual requirements and needs from tarot cards to crystals from readings to development class’s from healing to a cup of coffee and a chat. Everyday was different, customers browsed and brought a few items they liked, others made a booking for a reading or a healing session, others would want to talk and share there spiritual experiences and then we had people who felt the shop was a place you came to share the everyday troubles in your life, and as the new found good Samaritan on the high street I would of course listen. I think the sign above the door should of read ‘Walk-In Public Toilet’ because the amount of emotional human crap and spiritual bullshit that was…

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First read, Can’t read, Wont read. (Part 1)

The start of something new..

Spirituality lets be serious.

The First Read

The first time I read for a stranger I was left dumbfounded as to what happened. I asked a friend who had an interest in the tarot and had done readings before to join me. We set up about an hour before the client was due to arrive, I placed a ridiculously large candle that had been purchased from the local supermarket at one end of the dining room table and an incense stick gently smouldering away at the other. Having some one there with me certainly helped calm the nerves and keep things more upbeat than anything serious. We spent ten minutes or so following stuff we had learned and read in books, we closed our eyes and began to take several deep breaths while following a chakra opening exercise and allowing our minds to become clear. Well my mind might of been clear but by…

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Hard day yesterday was Easter sat and also our first foster childs 1st birthday.. These are the days as a foster carer when you realise a child never leaves your thoughts I woke worrying would he be enjoying his first birthday then throughout the day constant thoughts of how he would of spent his special day knowing full well he would not even remember his birthday yet he was never out my thoughts.
Remembering yes its good to have the memories have a good new life little one xx

Typical lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday who really has them mine has consisted of washing, looking after elderly neighbor hoovering and trying to coax the husband successfully into hoovering upstairs! I can’t just walk past anything that resembles needing to be either put away or taken upstairs yet the rest of the family walk past everything on the stairs daily!! Ah well I enjoyed an extra large glass of wine with my chicken salad & warm bread for tea.. Pretty lazy nite thou watching a film with the hubby yet it crept in whilst nipping to the toilet I decide to empty all the upstairs bins & put the
paired socks away!!
Goodnight kids start their Easter hols tomow and im looking forward to no school runs.   🙂